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Sweet days of summer pass by
Autumn leaves begin to turn, vivid
Colors that fill the sight chilly soft
The Starbright night...
Season's walk their endless path
Each born new, in nature's beauty
Many seasons' walks by, but each 
Will catch the eye...
A time of color, bright and free autumn
Calls out for all to see, the slumber callings
 of each tree...
The echoes of spring will come again and set
This forest free.
A candle shows the way, as Angles sing and pray
All seasons spring forth life when winter sleep release
It stays...
Cry not, for the fallen leaf, it has drunk fresh spring 
Rain and felt the rich warmth of the sun and danced in
The moonlit night, at the song of the soft winds sing..
Now standing on a distant hill, to hold this moment thrill
The full circle will come to meet, the season's calling us 
Hearts will greet..

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Season`s Call