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For i --KNOW-- this --PRECISE-- very -exact--minute -just -where -i -am -and -where -i----STAND
for -i --KNOW----MY-----VISION, ----my ---DREAM, ---my ---MISSION,--- GOAL,--- and ---life-living-and--LOVE----PLAN

For --------as --------with------- us----------ALL
when -we -lose- our -grip, -and -slip, -we've- gotta ----B-O-U-N-C-E----BACK-----, HIGHER ---and  --STRONGER,-- from,- any -and -every, -a-----Slip, --set-back---and----FALL

For we have --NOTHING-nothing-NOTHING-- at -all -to--PROVE--to--ANYONE---but---our--very--OWNSELF
as,- with, -me -i  -continue -on, --STRONGER-- than ever with my --MISSION, --QUEST --and--GOALS---as ---MY, --HEALTH -as--my---WELL-BEING--and---WEALTH

With every little small--GOAL
that i achieve, it --MOTIVATES--, me to continue striving, thriving, and surviving--on--a--POSITIVE--ROLL

For right HERE right NOW, this very PRECISE EXACT, minute moment and breath, i know where i --AM--i know where im-- AT-- i know where i have--BEEN--, and  i KNOW--with-- my --VISION--since-i-was--seven-years-old------THE----- DREAM----- just---- where ----im----- GOING---TO-----//---- BE
and with --MOTIVATION, --and --POSITIVE--MOMENTUM--i-know-my---before---and---after---and---IM--GOING--TO--BE--THE--GREATEST--and--THE--BEST--GRIZZLY-MINNESOTA--and--MARINE--ME

By john d JUNGERS
22nd of SEPTEMBER 2017

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For i know this MINUTE just where i am and STAND