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It was a beautiful sun shinny Day
The water looked like diamionds
Sparkling in the brilliant sun, Gulls
Screeching on high, the rhythm of 
The waves was like the arms of
A new Mother rocking her infant
The Island just a few yards in view
Just swimming ahead of the boat
All my brother's within didn't care 
that day to swim, or float....
As I look ahead white sands and 
Vibrant scents wild water lilys and
Rose colored wildflowers drawing me 
Near..,Fluttering of dragonfly's wings I
Could hear.
At the shore I reached out my hand
Ready to stand, a Viper strikes, and 
I Fall my brother's swim ashore, they
saved my life, I kept thinking how could
A view so beautiful be so dangerous, 
It took a long while to mend, but I survived
In the end, so thankful I was not alone that
Beautiful and frightful day....
My Mother so releaved when
I finally returned  home.......
I found out that day that dreadful Viper
Was a skillful sniper...


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Strike of the Viper