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When the PEOPLE that you LOVE, dont recognize your true--VALUE-of-your-HEART--or--WORTH
for, a SENSITIVE and TOUGH, person, like me, even, the littlest of things--HURTS

Many times
i thought to myself, if i was. MATERIALISTIC, wealthy, many, many, many--COMPLIMENTS back to me would--SHINEs

But the fact of the matter, WEALTH, has never been my--BLESSING
so,-- really --i --don't --have --in --the --way,-- of -----WEALTH--and--MONEY-----very-- much --at--all--to----BRING

Twenty years as a --MARINE
in moving too many times to count around the globe, many financial, struggles and survival to just pay ends meet, and groceries, was a challenging--FEAT

Then when--RETIRED--from, --the----MARINES, ---no -more --POLITICS, --did -i -care -to --DEAL--with--or--SEE
so, i got a job in a Nursing Home, as a Nursing Assistant, and went to school to becone a--CNA, then to school,to become an--LVN, --then charge nurse of night shift in a --REHAB-FAcility--and---------RICH, and WEALTHY----i--never--did--come--to--BE

Now at sixty-one
im on the move and in the groove, to take the best care of myself with my health as my WEALTH--second--to--NONE

When people that you, LOVED,left you and divorced you,GOT-half-of-your-MARINE-retirement-pay,--and--a--large--CHUNK--of--your--NURSING--wages-- and --looked for --greener --pastures-and-left-you-with--SEVEN--KIDS--all--ALONE
your worth of a --husband, --and --father --and --grand-father, --and --everything --to ---her -own -family--OF------THIRTY-SIX-YEARS---- wasnt --APPRECIATED-- and --your -----WORTH,---- did-not--MATTER---,and--- it ---still ---leaves ---ME----FEELING-----COLD---COLD---COLD---to----THE----BONE

When others show me even the littlest of care, concern, and, ----R-E-S-P-E-C-T
it just feels so much better than hurtful --neglect

Everyone --has --their --life, --living, --and --LOVE----STORY
and sometimes the ----WORST ----thing that can happen turns out to be the ---BEST-THING----i--got-my--DISSABILITY--from--my--MARINE--INJURIES---,  as --now --im --helping-ALL--of---MY--KIDS--the--very--BEST--that--i--CAN----AND----AM----FOCUSING--ON--TAKING--CARE--OF----ME

By john d JUNGERS
22nd of SEPTEMBER 2017

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When THE people that you LOVE, don`t know your WORTH