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Life is a--TEST
to  always get back up and on track and do your--BEST

Life is a --CHALLENGE
to do the best that you can from holding, back and another hurt and --OFFEND

Life is a BLESSING
when you have a loving, loyal, trusting--FRIEND

Life can be fun bright and --ENJOYABLE
and can turn dark dreary and TERRIBLE

Life is WHAT we make of--IT
in our life living and LOVE, whatever may--BE--we , have to, stay on course with--POSITIVITY--and--never--QUIT

Life can deal out a bad-- CARD
life can be so devastating and--HARD

Life --is --GOOD --GREAT-- and -- GRAND
But--bad--and--sad--and--disappointing--things-- for-- us --all,-- happen,--that --we --just --cant-- comprehend --or --fully ---grasp---or---UNDERSTAND

With that as it very well may just be, and--REALITY 
for our--GOD--has-a-plan-for-us-all--and--DESTINY

Life is a --TEST
for us all to shine our HEART light through every storm and weather, --and-stay-faithful-prayerful-and-lovingly--hopeful--at--our--BEST

By john d jungers
22nd of september 2017 

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Life is a test