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SEASONS come, and SEASONS come and go
in the cold -cold-cold-winter snow sleet wind and rain, nothing in the freezing -freezing-freezing-ice-cold--tundra can -take-root-survive-thrive-and-grow

But in the spring thaw
everything --BEAUTIFULLY--warms and the sun stays out -great-wonderful-with-delight-bright, -as --everything-EVERYTHING-everything--blossums, blooms and comes alive, as NATURES, --BLESSING--and--GODS---GIFT--of--ABUNDANCE--on--this--BEAUTIFUL--pristine--Mother--Earth----to --us--all

The summer comes in a hot flash
the exhausting severe hot and hummidity, seems to forever overwhelmingly with heat exhaution, and heat stroke sometimes summer --last-and-last-and-last--with-SEVERE----HEAT--blast 

Then as now with fall approaching fast
it seems so strange how, in a moment the -hot -humid- --sizzling--OVERWHELMING--BOILING---exhausting--sweating--smoldering-----extreme-EXTREME-extreme-- HEAT--did  --mysteriously --but -at -this -very -very-very---COOL--WELCOMINGLY--AIRNESS----in---a---summer----flash--blast-- -and---COOLY--FINALLY--and--not--sadly--come--to--past


With windows in a home wide open, to let, in the fresh crisp and welcomingly cool air
its just a relaxing   and non taxing and unstressing,-- --with-AIR-CONDITIONER-turned--OFF---beautiful -BEAUTIFUL-beautiful---time --to --REFLECT-- RELAX--and --HAPPILY-HAPPILY-HAPPILY--S-H-A-R-E

But as all SEASONS come and go change and rearrange
soon the BEAUTIFUL colors of fall, will be completely and starkly bare complete with cold freezing defeat--and-- bare-, frozen- and -stand -lonely-alone cold and--estranged

The first snow is very welcomed
more so for children playing inthe  snow than anyone

The first blanket of snow
is so BEAUTIFUL, pristine and clean, and so fresh and sparkling white and bright BEAUTIFULLY  so

Halloween starts the holliday season 
and especially the  kids carving pumpkins and trick or treating, is such great anticipated sugar coated candy for free fun fun spooky fun

Winter comes strong and fast and thanksgiving
everyone gathers together as family to give, thanks feast with love reunions, traditions and happiness together thanksgiving naturally the best loving special cherrished memories to all it brings

Now with the winter freezing chilling SEASON in complete elite freezing chillin swing
the best of  the year and SEASONS time anticipated all year--CHRISTMAS--cheer happily with faithful, christmas carols  happily and anticipatingly especially with kids the count down to christmas morn, they cant wait to bring

Then with christmas past
the cold freezing numb below zero weather, prolongs and lasts and lasts and exhaustingly. Lasts

New years comes and goes
and the same old same old story with the freezing sleet and freezing colds as it snows and snows and snows, and the old man winter freezingly blows and blows and FOREVER-- more long and the end coming in thawing nobody really knows

Then the april showers bring the oh so BEAUTIFUL spring blooming flowers
and when the showers are past and the spring comes in full radiantly astonishingly magically magnificent bloom ,a natuaral ----phenomenal---MIRACLE-- of --MOTHER--NATURE--occurrs, with --MIRACULOUS--ASTOUNDING--PROFOUNDING-- BREATH-TAKING--CLEANSING--LOVELY-- ELEGANT--BEAUTY--for --sure --to --fresh --new --BEAUTY --spring --to --life--living-- and --LOVE--LOVE--LOVE--of--every--living--thing--in--The--WONDEROUS--S-P-R-I-N-G--MIRACULOUSLY--OCCURS--and--in--our--HEART--for-the-whole-year-and-in-our-lives-the-MIRACLE-of-spring-we-joyously-sing---and--that--MIRACULOUS--season--of-LOVE-LIFE-happiness--and--BLISS--will--in--our--HEARTS--FOREVER-and-a-DAY--B-E-U-T-I-F-U-L-L-Y--ENDUREs

SEASONS come and SEASONS come and GO
just as in our life, living and love with----EVERYTHING-everything-EVERYTHING,---- it has a SEASON to be chilling, freezing, raining, and  soon to BEAUTIFULLY blossum come to full life bloom and abundantly happily miraculously--GROW--grow--and--GROW

The four SEASONS--of--our--life-living--and--LOVE--are--MIRACULOUS--and--a--BLESSING--for-us--all--and--so--WONDERFULLY--BEAUTIFUL-BEAUTIFUL-BEAUTIFUL
as-with-us-each-and-EVERYONE-LIFE-is-just-too-S-H-O-R-T--so--with-a--LOVING--genuine-true-GREAT-HEART--embrace, and make, the BEST,out of-EVERYTHING-everything-EVERYTHING--complete-elite-and--LOVINGLY-BEAUTIFULLY--SO

And to ALL--may--the--GOOD--LORD--every--seasons-of-your-life-living-and-LOVE-abundantly-and-greatly-and-BEAUTIFULLY-BLESS--YOU
and--for--us--all--each--and--EVERYONE--MOST--IMPORTANTLY--take-ALL-things-in-STRIDE--and-to-THINE--OWN SELF---------always-ALWAYS-always--------stay--HONEST--SINCERE--LOVING--and----HUMBLE--KIND--and--TRUE--and--first--and--formost------LOVE--LOVE--LOVE----Y-O-U

By john d jungers

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Seasons come and seasons change and go