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A HEART, that is so GENUINE, LOVING, and TENDER, is made out of--PURE-pure-PURE--GOLD
the tender loving, HEART, of another, will never grow-DARK-and-OLD

The tender loving, HEART, of another, that reflects--PURE--GOLD
is, so brave, strong, loving, true and--Beautifully--BOLD

A tender and LOVING--HEART just doesnt--HAPPEN
a tender and LOVING--HEART-of--GOLD, was inherited and passed down to another from a loving  family menber or dear loving--FRIEND

Let, your tender loving great heart of--GOLD
Touch your every family member, friend, and even, foe--strong--and--BOLD

By john d jungers
23rd of SEPTEMBER 2017

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A HEART, that is so LOVING, and TENDER, is, made OUT of GOLD