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Watching, a --PICTURE-SHOW, --and -a----GOOD-MOVIE, ---is -the --BEST-BEST--and--GREATEST---TIME----and---FUN----for----ME
and, as my daughter and--I--just-returned--from--the--MOVIE--THEATER--, and -the---PICTURE--SHOW--, we. --Both --were --very--happy--HAPPY--happy--to---SEE

After -a -GOOD--MOVIE--that--you- --SEE
it just stays with you, especially when the story line touches your --EMOTIONS--, and --HEART-- leaving -you --FEELING--HAPPY--HAPPY--HAPPY----with----REALITY

if its really better than the best, again, you will, gladly pay again, and wait in line to--Return---and--SEE

For me, every-- GOOD-- and --BETTER-- than --GREAT--MOVIES-- that -on -the-----BIG--SCREEN--PICTURE--SHOW----- that --i --DID---SEE
all, my kids they know what im gonna --SAY--, and i will--SAY--,im--gonna-- gonna --come-- back --again --and --WATCH-- this ---MOVIE---again,--and --return --here --and --be----HAPPY

MOVIES-- that -i -saw- as--a -kid,- especially -the --OLD---DISNEY---CLASSICS, --like ---OLD--YELLAR
has always, been my very favorite of all times for sure, and it was a real -TEAR -JERKER

The --BEST-MOVIE-- for --me --was--ROCKY--ONE
and -to -this --day,-- MOTIVATED--and--INSPIRED-- me --the--GREATEST--and-- GREATER-- second----to--NONE

Then-- the --GREATEST--and--BESTEST-- MOVIE--EVER---for--ME---was---- --CAST-AWAY
WHICH--INSPIRED--ME--and--TOUCHED--ME--the--very--GREATEST---and---TOUCHED-- MY---HEART--- in ---every--EVERY--every---GREAT-GREAT-GREAT---WAY

The MOVIE--we-- saw--TONIGHT
was fun, action packed,with good messages and was pretty--GOOD--and--ALRIGHT

By john d jungers

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Watching a good PICTURE-SHOW, at the MOVIE THEATER, is the BEST, FUN, and ENJOYMENT--for--ME