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If i get to HEAVEN, before you--DO
ill, be waiting their for--YOU

But for today, heaven can--WAIT
as, im, just letting you know how--WONDERFUL-SPECIAL-FAITHFUL--that-you-are--and--GREAT

we, are fortunate, and --BLESSED--enough--to--come-to-meet--such-of-a--LOVING--person--so--HEARTFUL--and--BRIGHT--as--SUNSHINE

Having-simple -friendship-and-conversation--even--just--on--the--computer--BY--WRITING--through--A--Simple---thank-you---POEM
to -me -is -as--HEAVEN--on--EARTH--so,--BEAUTIFULLY--and--so--- BLESSEDELY---appreciated, -to -have -such,---DIGNITY--and--RESPECT---, felt --appreciated--and--KNOWN

By john d jungers
23rd of september 2017

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If i get to HEAVEN, before you do