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A --HEART-- of --GOLD--, only --knows --how-- to ---LOVE-LOVE-LOVE-- only---ONE---HEART----FOREVER----TRUE
a,-- TRUE--HEART--of --GOLD--, alone can never be, complete,  and great and feel, elite , but alone a heart of gold will always feel,lost alone sad and--BLUE

A---HEART-- of ---BEAUTIFUL---PURE---GOLD--- only--- can----- LOVE--LOVE--LOVE---but-- only -only-only--ONE
a --HEART--of ---PURE--GOLD-- will wait a lifetime, for that-- ONE-- special--,ONE-- to--BLESSEDELY--COME

A --HEART-- of --PURE--GOLD--knows -that -a --GOLDEN--HEART-- will --COME
as ---GODS, ---WiLL , ---and--- not--- THINE--- be ---DONE

Even now approaching my golden years
i will wait until my ----LAST--DAY--HOUR --and --MINUTE --and --BREATH ---if its meant  for me  to --MEET-- a --GOLDEN--LOVING--SPECIAL--BEAUTIFUL--PRECIOUS--PRICELESS-- GREAT--TRUE---HEART-- -on--this----EARTH--HERE

By john d jungers
23rd of september 2017

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A heart of gold only knows how to love true