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Sweet days of summer fades in
Autumn's vivid colors shades...
The green grass begins to dull...
Once long ago, when my years 
Were young and carefree I  Left 
My cares behind, I climbed our
Backyard tree, to look from high
All I could see.

Up high somehow I felt I was a part
Of the sky, birds just past me by...
I watched the sun shine bright and 
And pure, it smiled back at me I was
The quiet soft laced clouds, seemed
Somewhat loud, how can this be, two
Opposites, confusing to me..

The sun was preparing to set, so back
Down the tree I had to get... 
Now I knew why the robins loved this 
Tree, it was now a friend to me...
Many season's this tree stands 
Robins home, and other reasons..

I looked out my window 40 years later
I focused on the old and majestic tree
My Grandchildren playing, round it trunk
Basketball hoop, gracious slam dunk..
Laughing busy, hard at play, that old tree
Has welcome 4 generations, it's roots
Are part, of growth and presentation ..

This tree leaves begin and end throughout
The years, it heard our laughter, and caught
Our tears. Stronger fuller, deep the roots
It's held us growing, in sandles and boots.
Sometime soon, My Great Granddaughter
Will swing from this old tree, for a beginning
I hope to see....
Old tree is younger than you or me.. 
It's been a friend many years to this family....

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Old Tree Still Young