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One of the finest persons HERE on EARTH
its just like night and day how some right in front of you disrespect and dis-credit you, and some from afar respect you, and credit you as one of the finest persons on EARTH--and--they--SEE--YOUR--SIMPLE--WORTH

So what really stings and causes. A voie not to hum and sings, is when those around you you feel they dont care about you--close
and another from afar you they appreciate. Brag compliment and boast the most

Thats why giving another even the littlest bit of a pat on the back and compliment
can and does mean so much to them cause just maybe for so long any compliment or appreciation from their heart has been barron frozen empty and vacant

For me i feel what would i have if i didnt write
writing to me is as day and night and it helps me to seek faith love and hope and pray and seek the positive--ever--loving--GODLY--LIGHT

By john d jungers
25 th of september 2017

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One of the finest persons here on earth