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An Unspoken Truth

Because of what I've been Through

Damn You Black Girl

Even when I'm sleep

Fly High

Melanin Woman

She The Bright Light


The Life of Me

When I fall, I fly

When I fall, I fly

Used but still wanted,
Broken but still together,
I am not blind but for some reason I still cannot see,
This is just the life of me.

Random interventions to my body and soul with random individuals not wanting to pay the toll.
My heart is broken but still I love.
Lost in my mind but my body is present.
My soul and the earth are somehow connected, I am here in phases.
I see the wrong being done around me and to me but I
Prefer not to speak.
This just the life of me.

Society's definition for recognition is the same as showing your naked body on instagram
For likes.
Telling the truth is rusted, which is why most people believe no one can be trusted.
I can cite a source but have no actual facts attached.
I am what I believe I am, not to you or anyone else, but
To me.
I am in service to others but not myself.
I'm used to being awoke while my people still sleep.

Used but still wanted by plenty,
Broken but somehow still together,
I was lost and now I am found,
Always been blind but now I can see,
This is just the life of me.

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When I fall, I fly



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