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Winter is walking near and certain.
Snow and ice will close its curtain.
Winter open its snow-kissed eyes
Its beauty is not a Paradise.....

Old Man Winter, holds out his Icy hand...
A time when the fire is in great demand.
The frost of winter possesses the land.
Beware of wind and cold,  Winter's  grip
Is sharp and bold.

While in my cabin warm and cozy
The fireplace burns bright and rosy.
In the darkest hours of winter's might.
The sleeping season is walking near.
Hold Autumn's gift, in memories clear.

Walk with the time at hand, it's the way
We need to stand. 
Our Mighty Maker has the Grand Design
His awesome work is a gift of time...

Hold Dear each time of year...
It is all part of life's journey,  travel 
Safely, without fear.
Hold the warmth of faith, my friend,
For good or bad, 
Comes to an end...

There is a Season from old to new.
It is with us in all we do, 
We are here for just a while
Trade your tears, for a gentle 
Travel peaceful and with, "style..."



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Travel Peaceful and With Style