Expressions From Within

Live [Advice for Life]

Live without fear
Die without regrets
Love with passion
Listen with heart

Trust like there is no one else
Seek the truth no matter how difficult
Find fulfillment in all you do
Don't let negativity feed your soul
Instead...fuel your soul by helping others

Learn with hunger
Adapt like a chameleon
Mentor the young
They are the hope of tomorrow
Remind yourself you are beautiful

Remember to stay humble
Sort out fact from fiction
Live your life...not someone else's
When all hope is lost
Go to the lost and found...then keep going

When life beats you down
Stand up...dust off
Then give it the finger and say "Bring it on!"
Love hurts...and that's okay
Loss never really goes will be okay

There's only one be happy.

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Live [Advice for Life]

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