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They call us thugs when we riot.
They kill & manipulate our young. They tell us we have to
listen to them and to get on our knees but still they shoot us.
They don't want us to expose the contradicting people that oppress us but yet they still show
those same faces in scandals and in the media.
How do they expect for us to sleep with the light still on?
They don't want us wearing our heritage or speaking up about our heritage because then
we have the ability to wake those who are still sleep and take back what is ours.
They don't want us to act with violence, but they continue to kill our brother and sisters
and cover it up with false propaganda and lies.
They don't want us claiming what is rightfully ours, they like for us to
find it and hand over to them like a child.
If we refuse well, we all know what happens then.
They give us what they want to give us and take what they believe they owned and earned.
To give anything more would be acknowledging the injustices we as black people endured and
to admit that they are in the wrong and have been for a long time.
To them we're just a way to get them their money without leaving the house.

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