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An Unspoken Truth

Because of what I've been Through

Damn You Black Girl

Even when I'm sleep

Fly High

Melanin Woman

She The Bright Light


The Life of Me

When I fall, I fly

Even when I'm sleep

I'm awake even when I'm asleep.
The energy around me keeps me consciously awake.
In this world and time I fight for peace & serenity.
A slow fight that will be the death of me upon
completion. Run fast, run slow. Either way the show goes on.
Billions alive, millions running free, a quarter believing their the anarchy
holding the strings not realizing we are all being lynched from same tree just
hanging and falling from different points.
Puppets do speak but not entirely.  
Insanity is what I call it because on a slow moving day I can the see the
world's face but even then there are many faces to depict.
I guess it's just where you're at
in life. Life itself is just a giant game of checkers and chess.
Your awakening will determine
the board, your current lesson will determine your piece, place & moves.
Live life strategically
but without too much thought. If it takes too much thought,
right or wrong leave it be.

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Even when I'm sleep



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