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Moving is a chore, you know what's Instore.
My Granddaughter like most children her age
Knows how to set the stage...
Expensive toys are fine, but pots and pans are
Best.  I will need to wash them all, after she puts 
Them to the test.

Yes pots and pans are slamming
Baby girl is calling, "Granny this is
Fun, come watch see what I've ....
Pots and pans spinning on the floor, 
Sweet baby standing smiling through
the kitchen door..

Suddenly all Is silent, not a peep...
Baby girl has fallen sound asleep..
Her Daddy picks her up, taking one
Pan off her head...
Now napping sound, in her bed..
The sound of those pans are still
Bumping in my head..

(My goodness I truly love her,
But I'm going home, to recover..)

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Granny,This is Fun!!!!