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When a GOAL, is --SET
keep looking straight --and--positively-- FORWARD,-- and --UP,-- not to the --LEFT--, to the --RIGHT--, to  your --BACK-- behind, or---DOWN---because--you-- may --falter,-- fall, --slip,-- slide --trip, --or---dip----and --it--will--set--you--a--back-off-track-with--REGRET

When, you set, a--GOAL
when, things aren't absolutely--progressing--advancing--improving--moving-------PERFECTLY,------keep, ---your--- eyes ---on ---the ---PRIZE----,and----maintain----your--- --------POSITIVE------------M-O-T-I-V-A-T-N-G---ROLL

will beat out and drown any a negative stinking thinkin and keep you--AFLOAT-- on --TIME-- on --TARGET-- and---In---THE---RACE----and.--- Your. --- GOALS, ----a ---WINNING--,--and-----S-W-I-M-M-I-N-G----- without-----a-----SINKING

By john d jungers
28th of september 2017

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When a GOAL is SET