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With  SOME  folks if you dont reach out and say hi, hello, how are-you, and start a CONVERSATION, and BE--KIND
they will, just stay to themselves and pay you no--attention--or---MIND

SOMETIMES it takes great effort
and SOMETIMES it doesn't work, but when even one out of a hundred times it does, its such of s beautiful shine and the EFFORT, it was, very very very well--WORTH

Tonight i met a very interesting and accomplished older --GENTLEMAN
talking with, him tonight, when at the gym we met, was really a --very-VERY-very----special-SPECIAL-special--beautiful--blessed----TIME

He was elderly maybe in his late seventies or early eighties. Maybe, but , i was happy to listen to his life stories about here in Vegas where for-- fifty years --with -pride he -has--lived--and--still--RESIDES
he was a casino manager of the old original casino--------THE-SANDS------and, spoke  of--his--close--ties--and--friendships-- with --the-----RAT-PACK-----with----deep--DEEP-deep----P-R-I-D-E

He was  such of a kind HEARTED-- gentleman
and was --good--friends --with --Frank- Sinatra--- Dean-Martin--- Don-Rickles-- and--he--knew--all--of--the--OLDEN--DAYS--- --RAT--PACK---GANG--. Years --and--Years--ago--in--the--original-- GOLDEN--FAMOUS--DAYS-- of --VEGAS, --and -shared -all -his --olden-- days --stories-- of --GRAND--with--just-- ME--and--we--just --met--in--a --MINUTE----and--this--older--gentleman--very--well--accomplished--interesting--important--successful--and--connected--made--me--just--a--simple--man--FEEL--a--MIGHTY-----I-M-P-O-R-T-A-N-T-----and----very-VERY-very-----SPECIAL-----GREAT-great-GREAT-----and------G-R-A-N-D

By john d JUNGERS
29th of SEPTEMBER 2017

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With SOME folks