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Your --HEART---beat
with DETERMINE  what ,you FEEL, either GREAT and ELITE--, or --low --with --defeat

Your-- HEART-- beat will tell
how you feel --GREAT--, ill, -low -or --SWELL

Your --HEART-- beat will reveal
Just exactly --GOOD-- or bad how YOU--FEEL

Your --HEART-- will know
those who --LOVE-- and --CARE--for you --SINCERELY-- and --TRUE---BLUE----SO

Your --HEART-- will not ever forget
those who made you feel sad bad and low, and they gave you, hurt neglect and regret

A --HEART --remembers --so --VERY--VERY--VERY-- W-E-L-L
when another --LOVES --you so --SPECIAL-- and----SWELL

By john d JUNGERS
30th of SEPTEMBER 2017

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Your heart-beat