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Distant Lands across the seas
drifting over the waters face
Living in that distant place..
Hold on to your heart's desires
Strike the coals in ember's fires...

Lift quickly  the open windows 
Calling to the nautical side....
Rebounding , waves, pounding
As the ship glides...
A master Shipman with seafaring 

One last sail to France, one last
Nautical glance, man the engines 
Winding and twisting many miles are
Stern dances in open tide..

The land disappears as horizon
Gleam, nothing is the way it seems...
Placid moments, not yet seen
Purest air, washed immaculately clean...

This vessel sails in Moonlight's gleam.
Hold on to the power
Of it's course, feel the strength of 
The waters force...
The destination is met....
The journey is set...
So sailing away
On a peaceful 
Autumn day..

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Sailing Away