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she is the newborn daughter of christine, and lorel, my daughter-in-laws--sister, and--this--SWEET--about- one-week--precious little baby--reminds--me--of--our--CHRISTINA-ANNE

Christine, the mommy

She has always been so nice friendly and dear to me

Christine, her father has passed

And as i told her--earlier--today,  this little LORI-ANNE
i will LOVE, her just as my grand-daughter---THAN

So, my love care and support
i am going to give her and her fiancé and --little--precious---LORI-ANNE--of--EVERY--a--SORT

This little precious baby--LORI--ANNE
One-day --ME, --she will know --ME--as--GRAND-PA---when--she--Dances--wiggles--jiggles--giggles--and-crawls--grows-grows-grows---and--S-T-A-N-D-S

By john d JUNGERS

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Little precious sweet BABY--LORI--ANNE