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Infinite Corners of the Mind

Somewhere on the edge of time
I lost my will and special chime
Somewhere at the Cosmos edge
My strength is hidden and wedged.

Lost but not defeated,
my hope has not depleted.
A peaceful sun ray shines
A distant Moon, sadly pines.

Where are the peaceful Planets glow
Fighting mishaps, as they show...
Disembodied voices call my name
An outreached hand connects, to make
It claims...

My eyes cannot begin to see this flight
It somehow is a dream, my heart now 
Beats in fright, my spirit starts to scream.
Somehow I drift above and catch a glimpse
Of God's special love.

I drifted to the place unknown, many wonders
I was shown, but My restless spirit finds
A peaceful beauty of another kind.
In the infinite corners of the mind...

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Infinite Corners Of The Mind