once upon a time 

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Poem by Myra Gibson


Somewhere in France...


this flower in a poem,for you


Somewhere in France a hero lies.

Unknown in the dust under the skies.

No more the sun need shine for him,

no more the sound of battles din 

can wake him from deaths finale.

Distance sounds of a reveille pass

silent o'er his mound.


Somewhere in France your battles done.

Back home the weeping long begun,

weeping for one we know not where

to leave a flower or say a prayer.

No family footsteps tread your mound .

Forever lost in earths deep ground,

until the final trumpet calls.


Somewhere in Franc a flower grows

above your fragments in repose.

It blooms amidst death and decay 

to permeate a summers day.

It's bright red petals glowing on.

Somewhere in France, constant and strong.

I leave this rose for you.


In memory of the father she never knew.


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