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It is a day that will face many changes
The Clipper Ships anchors firmly in place
Rumors of a storm heading their way
Captian keeps his ship and crew close to the bay.

The sky is full of birds on the wing, their cawing
And screeching is deafening at least, the sun 
Is shadowed by the fowl of flight. Upward they
Climb, soon out of sight.

A silence fills the shoreline, a stillness
Creeps on by, a yellow-white glare turns into
A charcoal cloud grows solid consuming the 
Light of day, rain and wind became one. The 
Chopping sea became undone.......

Day or night we could not tell the angry storm
Unleashed hell.. the debris blinding
and hazardous material all about  
not a word heard as the Captian
shouts out for God's Mercy, as quick 
As the storm blew in, it passed, the ship 
Was rubble and a pile of debris, but 
The crew was safe not one harmed.

The coast was filled with splintered,
Wood and much more, many marines
Animal lay dying onshore... The 
Ruins as far as the eye could see.
The Captain with his head in hand,
Was thankful that he, and his men
Could still stand! 

The angry storm has left its mark
A trip not finished before it began a 
Gale that leaves the sail without the
The ship, but the sailors are all accounted 
For,  and at hand.......


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