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Open Window

If life was an open window
I'd be searching for the door.
Step beyond its threshold
Hold it's worth, young or old.

Life is rather workable but
Sometimes chance can 
Change our path.......
When weather becomes
Unruly, and bares it head
In wrath...

Together we can find comfort
In those trying hours, and the
Warmth will ease the sours.
For every weed, beyond, there grows
The flower...
Nothing is easy in this life, but work 
Is not always full of strife, we built 
A Nation with dedication and sight
Many times it took a fight...
Standing united brings unwavering

Open Windows, open door
Life is lived,  with so much
Step beyond its threshold.
Live life...

( Dedicated to My Grandfather, US Navy lifetime of dedication, to family, and his Nation)


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Open Window