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It was a beautiful day,
thought I'd take a walk in the woods.
Packed my lunch, and backpack too.
Thought I'd shake off my blues.
Walked for an hour or more this warm
Summer day........

Time to have lunch, sat on a hollow tree trunk
Much to my surprise, out walks a Family of Skunks...
I threw them bread, and oatmeal cookies, but 
They went straight for the cake, when out of the
Corner of my eye appeared A Big Black Snake,
I feared he would snatch one of the mama skunks
Babies, he rose looked ready to strike, Not brave at all 
I jumped  and screamed, landing in a cloud of 
Mama skunks defense!!!!

The babies were safe, they moved on, and that 
Big Black Snake was gone, but my eyes were on fire
Skin bright red, I was a walking biohazard that began
to run.

Home again, I burned my clothes, washed in tomato juice
Then iced my skin, my cat hissed and ran smart
Animal, I'd run away too!!

Didn't go on nature walks for the longest time, but it is 
What it is, no sense to wine ...
Nature showed another face with conviction, with no mercy
Or restriction... No room for grace.
So I have learned my lesson, take much in my stride
I'll walk away, find a place to hide.
Because the essence of Skunk; is impossible to 

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Essence of Skunk