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Finally,little BELLA, who is just thee--she is taking a--NAP
so I'm --FREEed- up , as she isn't crawling all over my neck head back and --LAP

Actually now napping fifteen minutes --ABOUT
im a kinda missing how she sings and saying the alphabet loudly and confidently and proudly she will---lightly--SHOUT

She is not at all--S-H-Y
and if she  makes. A  Mistake at anything she is brave, and strong enough, to get,m back up and GIVE, IT, another--TRY--and-TRY

If she doesn't get her exact way, oh yes this little three year she will--P-OU-T--and--Pout
its so cute, how she will look cross with her facial expressions and her eyebrows,looking down, and say I'm upset,,,and  I'm disappointed,--then she crosses here arms in front over one another--ABOUT

She has stuffed animals of every kind
earlier in her room, she was digging through all of her old stuffed animals of three accumulated years and she was so happy and excited with--CHRISTMAS--SHINE

Finally now,this little grandest daughter of mine she is snoozing and napping
and i. Am free to be a writin, typin,  reciting  and here on this I-PAD, a one finger style tapping

12th of OCTOBER 2017

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Finally SHE is takin a little NAP