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Sleeping peacefully,
awaken to the sound of thunder...
Rain tapping on the roof tops
Wind whipping under...

Safe and sound,
while night storm bounds
I drift off again, while the
Rain continues to pound....
Woke up to sun and blue skies
Half a roof and broken shutters
Leaves plugging up my gutters.

Long ago my Mother said," Get 
Up , you sleep through anything!"
Must be true, A roof half there,
Oh now the birds fly through..

Stepping in a puddle or two,
shingles everywhere, guess 
I'm the lucky one, the house 
Still stands, and I'm safe for 
Now, through nature's demands.

When life gives you lemons,
Make a pie, before the geese
Fly by.... Dropping white wash 
In the eye..

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Make Pie