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Where have all the young men gone?
To the battle deyond the Mountain tops.
Where have the children gone? To the
Bomb shelters below.
Is this the world we know?
A world that no longer grows.

War is better kept as an undone
Thing! It is a sadness, it is an end.
Do we see the faces of hero's lying
In their graves, the broken heart's
Who said farewell to the brave...
The pieces of lovers hearts a family

Fight for, freedom, fight for love, fight
For example, of the pure white Dove
Fight for hope, learn to cope, standing
Alone, war has taken my home.....
When the War has ended, and Freedom's
Starts callen, tell me who will tell the Fallen!!

(John Lennon was wise, and true. when he said,
And sung" Give peace a chance")

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Where Have The Young Men Gone???