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Errol Green Eyes

You are my sunshine you are my rain,
You are my love you are my pain.
A love connection spiritual & divine,
I found my soul mate for the end of time!

The rhythm in my heart,
The air that makes my lungs inflate,
Meeting you at RTT
Was our scheduled fate!

God has provided me with my best friend
We have so much fun
Just after a couple of months we headed to the sun!

Hanging out in Cyprus we hired a car,
We explored the island and travelled afar!
He is the yin to my yang!
The pea in my pod!
My absolute blessing sent from God!!

Angels sing as my heart beats fast
I'm praying this relationship will forever last!
Angel wings beat to the rhythm of my heart!
God whispers this level of happiness is just the start!

God says Errol will be all the things you want him to be, your lover your friend & the father of your family!!

This is a happy poem as I am sure you can detect! He is the rhythm in my heart, this love I will protect!

Happy, Amen! Remembering God is the Alpha the Omega! The beginning & the end!.

by Wendy Roberts 20/08/2016

Errol Green Eyes



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