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Prehistoric man did everything to be safe
He was strong and brave, He found shelter
In a cave..

I don't know what happened to them I don't know
If we ever will, through the ages his gene improved
His brain became smarter, The Dawn of man was
a slow starter...

All is speculation, rough educated calculation  but 
We discover things every day, a time of mistery and disaster
When Man's life ended, so much faster...

We sit and call our selves brave, many eons,  after
The cave,  now distant Space Maps, and Highways
We pave.... We live in this time our history books we

Somewhere in the echos of the ages, Dinosaurs roamed
Before books had pages, some art of a primative kind, was
The stories we're left behind..
A lot has left us stumped, the Lost Eons and intelligence
Of  Donald Trump.....

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Lost Eons