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Rich man poor man what do we do?
Spend all our sorrows, buy all our joys...
Richness, poverty what lies ahead? Long 
Life, short life, then all is left for dead?

Morning, noon and night, have we lost
Our sight? Giving up the ghost, when we
Need to hold on tight...
Rich man, poor man, we value the the
Great.  Time to hold on to hope, if it's not
To late.

If I Fall, will you lift me? If I become lost,
Will you show me the way?
If I lose my myself, will I start the whole,
Another day?
What do you say?

Rich or poor, we all live this life and pay.
We search for answers when the answers
Are that none of us, stay...
We all move on, in many directions, or go astray.
I know when it's time to pray...Starting with today.

Where is the honor, a code that fills our life, a code
That holds on to the sacred ways of old when a Man's
Values were richer than jewels or gold...
It still thrives, open up your eyes, it dwells in the loving
Hearts, it is the roots that bare wings to fly.

Give it a chance my friend,
if you don't see it now,
You will know it,
in the end.....

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You Will Know It In The End