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If you, we're to MEET--Me
would it be LOVE,at FIRST-SIGHT-as-REALITY

Sometimes we all have our --INSECURITIES
that keeps us from being comfortable happy and--F-R-E-E

If you were to a--MEET--ME--would-you-COMPLETE--ME
would, I be good enough, and would you feel great happiness and--ELITELY

Two people that have never met --BEFORE
how, could they ever really-REALLY-really--KNOW-know-KNOW--if--they--were--meant--to--BE--F-O-E-V-E-R--together-TOGETHER-together--FOR--S-U-R-E

People get together on this INTERNET
and they communicate their feelings way before they even --MET

So than a person, will come  to SAY
if to meet another would it be meant to be some-WAY

For, ME
when another's , genuine kindness, thoughtfulness, lovingness, heartfulness, sincerity, truthfulness, loyalty trusting ness compassion, care and concern--FOR-ME--MY-HEART--F-E-E-L-S--LOVED--as--REALITY


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If YOU, we`re to MEET ME