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Talking about--BAD--habits
So here is my COMPLETE with DEFEATS lists

Well FAST-FOODS, almost killed me, and did ME--IN
But, I'm very PRoUD, to say today that it's two-YEARS, on the 17th of DECEMBER 2017--that my FAST-FOOD-CONVICTION--LOVE--and--ADDICTION--I-diid-conquer--and--WIN-win-WIN

I worked my nursing shift for--ten--YEARS--at--the--night--NOC--SHIFT
And at the end, of my SHIFT, after  a successful, nursing shift,--at--the---CARL'S-JUNIORs- fast food place drive thru----and---to-pull-up--and--order--the--BIG-CARL-SPECIaL, on my drive back home, was my REWARD--and--GIFT-gift-GIFT

I use to tell people, if you see me on the FREEWAY, I'm in the slow lane and driving very--SLOW-slow-SLOW
It's BECAUSE im  E-AT-T-I-N-G--SOMETHING--you----know

So, years and years of fast food, led to my--MORBID--OBESITY--and--OVERWEIGHT

So, we all DEAL, with HEARTACHE, and HEART-BREAK, and  pains shames and sufferings--traumas--stresses--hurts-wrongs--IN--our ---own---very--own--BAD--HABITS-----WAY
Trying--trying--trying-- our --best --striving --thriving --surviving --our --every--hour --by --hour --and --sometimes -SOMETIMES--sometimes---breath --by --breath----BY---DAY

So, never have I ever smoked, drank, or taken any a drug, because I am --------too -TOO-too------E--X--T--R--E--M--E----so----I----Have----to-----STAY----CLEAN

Because -if -for --me --I --even --tried --it----ONCE-once-ONCE--- I --WOULD---OVER---DO----IT

So as we all know with all things--MODERATION--is--the--key--to--SUCCESS
And to our ownselves to stay honest sincere loving and true and LOVE-LOVE-LOVE--OURSELF--the--very--BEST of our--BEST

By John d jungers
17 th of October 2017

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Talking about BAD habits