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Minnesota down-pouring -RAINS
I have never experienced any place else the RAINS, as torrential, down pouring as the Minnesota. RAINS--the--S-a-m-e-s

After the torrential, and stormy rain showers
Up, comes the ---Minnesota ---SUN-and -the --BEAUTIFUL-beautiful-BEAUTIFUL--blooming ---Minnesota --tulips, roses, lilacs, and---wild--flowers

The ---Minnesota ---lakes
Are --so --plentiful -PLENTIFUL-plentiful--stocked --with ----Minnesota ----game --fish --walleye--northern--pike--blue-gill--crappies--perch--muskie--Bass---of --plenty----greats

The ---Minnesota ---BEAUTIFUL-beautiful-BEAUTIFUL---countryside
From the ---Minnesota ---thunder showers and rains,, stretch miles and miles of ---beautiful -BEAUTIFUL-beautiful---plush green all through the -rolling-bluffs --standing-with----Minnesota-----pride

No place on earth can compare
To the torrential down pouring rains of ---Minnesota,--- over there

The ---Minnesota ---beautiful-BEAUTIFUL-beautiful---air, after a torrential, down pouring ---Minnesota ---rains, is so, pure, crisp, and---Minnesota---FRESH
the ten-thousand lakes of ---Minnesota ---greats, is  so pristine , clean, and fresh--and. Out. Of this World, nothing but the very----Minnesota----BEST

By John d jungers
17th of OCTOBER 2017

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Minnesota down-pouring RAIN