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With a lot of years, of rejection
I just, am not use to  getting, any, validation, compliment, or--TEXT--or--attention

As, I have been, in SURVIVAL, mode, for a long--while
I don't remember, last, when my HEART,felt happy, with JOY, and --S-M-I-L-E-D

With so many years,of not feeling good enough--with--EVERYTHING-everything-EVERYTHING--anyway
I did my best,to raise my family and I knew I had to stay

I tried my best--and--STILL--I--AM-- to hold this family together
Even nothing, nothing nothing. I. Felt. From. Her

So, now divorced, and  it's, - over, done, and she left and gone
And I DO, KNOW, ---someday  ---someway, ---somewhere, ---I -will- find, ---someone ---who -will, ---love respect--me --as --me, --and------JOY----in ----MY-HEART----, will----forever----belong

18th of OCTOBER 2017

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With ALOT of years of rejection