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'OH! My,my,my!"

Oh! Where, Oh! Where did it all go?
Yesterday we were young, and thought the fun would never end!
The Days of wine and roses, moon lite nights on white sandy beaches,
fast cars and Champaign parties.
Time has quickly passed as has life, and gone forever, those lazy,
hazy days of summer. We thought those days would never end, but end
they have! Somehow, summer turned to autumn and autumn to winter.
Now our wars have come and gone and are forgotten by most, yet the
painful memories of those who fought, are not!
Now life hold only pain and suffering, arthritis, diabetes and loss
of memory, thanks to old age! But, that's alright, for once we were
young, we sang and danced in the sunshine and life was a bowl of cherries!
Oh! My, my, my!
So, if today you are young, please heed this little rhyme, for today will
quickly come and go, and tomorrow is promised to no one! Oh! My, my, my!
Jackie R. kays

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`OH! My,my,my!`