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A TRUE HEART cannot lie
A TRUE HEART, could not even lie, even if it tried

When a TRUE HEART, feels, joy, and Happy
They feel, so upbeat, zip pity, and zap pity, happy and free

When a HEART, that is TRUE
They feel, down, troubled sad and blue

Can get torn apart

A HEART that is TRUE,
It is so very SENSITIVE, and can get easily shattered and broken too

The trouble with a TRUE--HEART
They fall, way, head over heels, in LOVE, right from the first, HEARTBEAT, of JOY, and start

A TRUE HEART, just has to know
Just to relax, chill and take it nice, and easy, and steady slow and easy as you glow

A TRUE HEART, must learn to LOVE, first and foremost the most thy ownself
And beat positively, lovingly, joyously, with PEACE, LOVE, and SERENITY, as it's greatest BLESSING, and TRUE HEARTS--WEALTH

18th of OcTOBER 2017

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A TRUE HEART cannot lie