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Haunting On The Hill

The Sunshines bright, on the house on the Hill.
Many seasons nurture this home, some say that
The spirit of a Civil War General quietly roams.
Some say on Hallows Eve, they see that General
On his trusted steed.
Overlooking a town below,
he gallantly rides the Wind that blows.
He dismounts his horse, to walk With his brothers,
a gentleman, who cares for others.
He was not meant for war,
but he walks the grounds once more.
It is said, he wages war on evil When it flares!
He stands for purity, and lasting peace,
he truly Cares...
On this Hallows Eve, his heart beats bold,
for the peace treaty he holds,
back to his home on the pressing Dawn,
To be the pacing spirit, chill to fulfill his
ghostly Haunting on the Hill.

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Haunting on The Hill