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He had one
of his better
maybe even
on the edge of
his job hadn’t
he was still
the slow death
of repetition
but today
it was held
at bay
by a woman
that carried the
unpolished charm
of real life
with her
when she walked
on to his stage
it didn’t take
him long
to see
she knew who
she was
coming across
so hard at times
but not to impress
just a product
of a few
long miles
on some really
bad road
during her journey
through time
but it was
her edges
that made her
so beautiful
her unchecked
in conversation
that she left
not covered up
with the lies
of normality
she was
to read the real
of life’s script
while so many
only read
between them
for societies sake
he tried to categorize
her style
and was ready
to slot her
into the tuff
girl role
but then she
such an honest
unforced laugh
with strong traces
of little girl in it
he had to force
his mind to
try and put
those completely
different characteristics
of hers together
he wanted to
reanalyze all her
different sides
he was always
able to correctly
label the people
he met
but each time
he got close
to tagging one
on her
she showed him
a new facet
that to him
seemed uniquely
her own.
The variables
just kept piling up
the equation
that was her
kept getting longer
and more complex
with every word
and subtle movement
she showed him
so he surrendered
to her charismatic
trying instead
to adsorb
as much of her
as his limited
time with her
so he listened
to her stories
following her trail
from 6th grade
in till now
as she was
painting him
vivid pictures
with her words
coming across
so real
as if he
had witnessed it
as it was
and then
as the day
was starting to
run down
he was wishing
more and more
he could prolong it
but he had fought
time before
and he knew
the out come
was inevitable
his almost
perfect day
would soon be
taken from him
as she described
her scars
and the battles
she had fought
along the way
in her life
till it was
time for him
to go
and with her
lasts words
to him
still resting
on his mind
he looked fondly
at her
as he realized
she was
the most
he had
ever seen…
     Tom Allen…10-14-2017…