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"We anchor in Baltimore," the Captian said.
Can't get his words out of my head...
Two more days of open waters, this old ship 
Is fit as a fiddle, Yes, it's seen many shores,
Yet, it's stamina is quite a riddle..

I swabed the deck, scrubbed like heck, now 
Working out the kink in my neck..
This old dear Lady ship is my home away
From home.
We all care for her, and she takes cares for
She loves when we cater to her, and make
A big fuss.

Blue skies gone grey, looked like a storm was
Heading our way.
The Captian at the helm, I was at the bow,
Rain and wind began to gust, the strorm,
Hit fast and hard, it's time's like this I miss
My backyard.
The Ocean is a mighty force, a storm can push
a ship off course...

Doesn't help to complain, it won't stop the pouring..
So the crew batten down the hatches, and ready
The ship, this sail, was becoming a dangerous
Trip! Captain says, "Stiffen that upper lip!"

That was a tempest so relentless, it shook the
Crew and vessels frame, but she made it through..
All the same.... Praying for land, to rest this body
That was the storm from hell..

Now the ship approaches shore, don't ask me how
We arrive on time in Baltimore.... 
Dry land and a warm bed to sleep,
My shore leave, was spent counting blessings
And sheep...

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Drop Ankcor in Baltimore