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Not enough hours in a day
I've heard people say. perhaps
it's about their work or maybe
having to come in side from play

The time swiftly goes by...It was
just morning and now it's turning
into night, with a heavy sigh" there's
not enough hours to days light.

Funny I would contemplate this same
notion. Now that things are setting
into motion. come on it's time to start
making a commotion

I'll say it's you and you'll say me
after years learning a love would
never be, we stumbled unto one an
others words which did please.

So, this is love? something that had felt out
of reach, coming to the conclusion would
never know or received. Simply our hearts
had become weakened to its knees.

The feeling of being utterly alone and
misplaced. So quickly our inner sorrow has
turned into feelings that nothing else can
replace. A sense of acceptance and God's grace.

So let us hold stead fast to these days of new
filling tomorrow's that come to past as if it
were the first time we met. . the saying there
isn't enough hours in a day maybe true

but now we have all night too!

Not enough hours in a day



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