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How did life reach this point?
Locked in this castle tower.
Not a single soul knows I'm
Here, the courtyard below 
Is vastly covered in snow.

No food, no water,  I'm weak
And frail, When I see the sun shines
Through, I sit and think of you.
A Knight of honor, a man of means
I watched you die on the Gallows
My tears run deep they are never

My father was a loving King, he took
Care of his kingdom, but the invaders
Took his head. The Kingdom that was...
Is now dead. Locked in this castle tower
In and out of sleep, hoping my sanity will

There was a walking outside my door, 
 I hear the rattling of keys, in walked
A soldier, with a tray of water and bread.
He walked in with a candle burning, the 
Sight of food left my stomach churning

Much to my surprise, he left me food 
And water, and the burning candle....
It was a little more than I could handle.
When the soldier left the door unlocked
Thought maybe it was a trap, but suddenly
I snapped..

I ran out that door quietly, down the spiral
Staircase, then out to the frozen courtyard
Then slipped out of sight! There would be 
A day to come, when she will finish the 
Battle, the invaders thought they, won..
(To be continued)

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Castle Tower