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Cyberaucracy - A Tale Of Things To Come

It was the policy of contempt
And they'd needed to know
What they could get away with,
Just how far they could go:
So, they cut the people's benefits
Only to be greeted by some groans,
They cut some Rights  to vote
To be greeted by some moans,
But the revolution started when
They banned their mobile phones.

They massed in their millions
Out there on the street
Demanding the right
To Facebook and to Tweet.
When that right was returned
People thought it was for bravery
But it was just to confirm
Those people's cyber slavery.
And those in power took heart
From that little old rhyme
About fooling most of the
People for most of the time.

Subliminal messages now flash
On every smartphone screen,
“Let's keep the status quo
It's the best it's ever been.”
Thus it came about Eleventh
Commandment rule was taught
You can do just what you like
But just don't get caught.

And so those in power
Assumed ever more control
And left those of the masses
With little else but their soul.
The rich got ever richer
In every possible way,
Living exponents of that rule,
Don't do as do, just as I say.

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