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Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery,
For now, I pray for his guidance through this
I have reason to believe that I have an Angel's
Watchful eye, I feel the embrace, a beautiful
Part of Havens Grace.

I ask God to look over you and direct a healing
Hand, to see the strength come back to you, I
Will be by your side and help you stand.
God's blessed us in many ways, I feel his love
In these days, hold on to hope, do your best
To cope!

You are the best part of me, many years we
Grew to be, the Man and Woman our family
Captian of your team, Father, Grandfather, 
Top of your class, many blessings in your
Life, the love, and prayers of your wife...

Tomorrow is close by, my  belief in  God and the
Angel's watchful eye,
Stands by.
(Love Always your Wife)

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Healing Hand