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You looked into my eyes,
tears streaming down your face.
Looked around the room, my heart
Began to race.
What were the tears about I asked
But you wouldn't or couldn't say.

Many years have come to pass, it was all over
A broken glass, you thought it would
Hurt me deeply, it was my mother's 
Favorite, but I glued it piece by piece
Material things are often a release.

You told me after all these years, 
You faced your past and lay to rest
Your fears. 
Many things come our way, but 
The love and truth we live is in 
Our life to stay...

So today I polish this old class
Knowing fully well, each crack 
Glued to seal.
Know it's quality, is so real......
You grew to see, that the truth
Will set you free.

( God bless the honest Man for he is free)

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Truth is Freeing