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When life becomes turbulent
and days becomes nights
The fight is viewed as a
 struggle, it's time to hold on 
Hold on to love, stand firm
In faith, standing loyal to my..
Heart, being capable from the
Illness is an intruder, sometimes
It can make us ruder.

Many happenings untold, can leave
Life bitter and cold.
Reality can create a new and awanted
But look away, let coldness go 

Hold strong, light lingers long, we 
Dance to the power of the Epic song. 
All in action is in choice, listen to that
Inner voice.
Take time to see, the illusion, when illness
Makes it's intrusion..

I'm not what has happened, when discord
Comes a tappen...
There is Clearity in the open mind,
stand watchful..
Peaceful and kind....
In the darkest, coldest hour
Salvation begins to flower..
There is comfort in A Greater



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Comfort in A Greater Power