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The Horizon, reveals a lone Battleship.
Black smoke becomes evident
as this ship comes
Clearer to vision,
it shows no signs of life provision
it appears to stand a drift, but it
Slowly takes a shift. 

This vessel sails it zig ,zags, and hails
Some say it is a ghost ship from the
Great War, a ship that will never come
To shore! It's fog horn sounds clear, 
The ship becomes near, then suddenly

What tricks play on my eyes, when seas
And skies drift by, the open waters flows dry
When this ship of mine, cries! Lost in battle
Many decades a go, the silent horn fails
To blow....
My ghosted ship is on the waves, it's frame
Has lost it's name....

It's a sail that's a prisoner of time, look closely
You will see, my battleship is on the distant
Shore my friend, it shadows appear to sailors eyes
It cast a faint disquise, it is a vessel that no longer
Tries..Lost in it's solemn sighs..

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Vessel Shadows